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Are you fed up with making other people/companies millions of dollars? Are you tired of spinning your wheels on a business startup that has not been successful? Have you never had the chance to work for yourself because you have to stay home and raise your children? You just haven’t found the right business model that fits your lifestyle.
You are absolutely unemployable because you cannot stand to work for someone else. You are successful, but you don’t have time to enjoy your success because you have to work too much.
It’s time to Take A Look At A New Opportunity. Check out my website


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Copied here because this is awesome:

In the United States of America, lies a large industrial city – site of the world’s largest slave labor camps. Near this center are community settlements where the slaves live. Each morning people move herd-like from these quarters into the industrial camp.
Each one is at his or her station by 7.30am. Here they report to their master for the day’s duties, and here they remain chained until 5pm when they are released. They have no choice as to how many hours they must labor. Sometimes they are required to work overtime, until their master tells them that they may leave.
Each year they are told when to take their vacation, for how long and when they must return.
They have little choice as to how much money they earn. They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during the labor hours. They remain in their chains in great fear, because the master can punish them with the ‘LAY OFF’ whip. It is said that even some of the slaves that are good and faithful, have felt the sting of this whip. Day by day, year by year they toil, until the master decides it’s time for them to stop work. He then releases them to the retirement camps, where they are forced to sit idle and wait for death. It’s a well known fact that the old slaves that try to work are sometimes whipped with the ‘stop the pension’ whip.
I know these slave camps exist, for I am a free man who lives among the slaves. I’m in business for myself, but not by myself. I’m truly free. I arise in the morning as called for by my schedule, I decide my own hours.
I can even sleep in late while the slaves are at work. I can vacation when, where, and how long I please. I am free to take my coffee break and lunch when I decide. And of course I can decide my own paycheck, because I am not a slave. I can choose to work when and where I please and with whom I please. I’m free to stay in the city for as long as I want, or to move on to greener pastures if I decide to. I’ve seen many slaves sadly pack their belongings to leave their city in search of a new master.
There is a ray of hope for every slave, though. He or she can buy their own freedom. The cost is not high, yet it seems very high to those who don’t have the courage to pay the price, what is the price???????????????
One must be willing to be one’s own master!
VMDirect – the right place, right time, RIGHT NOW.

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The Opportunity to Truly Showcase Your Business Using Attain Response

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to showcase our phenomenal product to you. In today’s economic climate business owners need a competitive advantage, something that helps them stay in the minds of their current customers and helps them increase their database to generate more customers. Statistics show that businesses need to communicate with their customers 14 times a year! Sometimes that figure is daunting to the small business operator who works all hours god sends; but with our suite of marketing tools, the pressure is eliminated. Attain Response is a user friendly online marketing platform that allows people to send e-newsletters that come alive. With the presence of video our statistical analysis is second to none in our industry.
People would rather talk than type and would rather watch than listen; with Attain Response we allow our customers to take communication to a whole new level. The bottom line is, if you as a Small Business owner is not communicating with your clients on a regular basis, someone else is. Today traditional marketing and advertising is taking a down turn which makes advertising not cost-effective. With our online marketing platform, the cost is pennies on the dollar; which can save businesses a lot of money in addition to streamlining your efforts using our analytics. What is the point of throwing good hard earned money at advertising that shows little or no return? Brand awareness is a very important process but should not be an expensive exercise.
The statistics show that people spend the most time while online in their INBOX. Therefore, we believe that is the best place to market to your customers. Our platform has a plethora of templates available at no additional charge or you can customize your own. Instead of sending someone to your website, where they may miss-type and reach your competitors, imagine ‘pushing’ your website into their inbox; with all the necessary URL’s behind your photos and buttons.
Have you ever been out and about and didn’t have any business cards on hand? Most people will have their phones with them. On any smart phone, you can create a simple way of gaining that new prospect’s email address and immediately sending them your business card virally.
Just launched, an added service we now provide is mobile marketing with a huge bonus feature; the person’s email address and phone number go straight into your database. No more hassle of having to input the information yourself. Any business can set up a simple short code and marketing campaign straight away. Try it yourself. Text vmail and your email address to 69302.
The power of this platform is amazing. Nothing gets downloaded to your computer, and with any updates, each time you open your email account, the upgrades are present.
I have just touched on the surface of our products. This truly is one to see for yourself.

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Video Emailing

Today in business if you are not online your business is flatline! I first heard that from Shawn Eifferman. And how true it rang.

Today we have an opportunity to help small and medium size businesses compete like BIG business, with pennies on the dollar. People would rather talk than type and watch than read. Why not consider sending video emails to your database? Increase your profile, be in front of your customers on a regular basis. what does that achieve? More sales and ultimately more revenue. Every business needs a competitive edge, and today I can share that with you.

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Hello world!

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